Green and Yellow, Green and Yellow, ad infinitum

Well, the Packers have won the Super Bowl, and this is decidedly a good thing. Even before moving to Wisconsin, I would root for the Packers simply because my half-brother Josh has always been a big fan. Although I never cared one way or the other about most sports, I always figured, “Hey, if they win, Josh’ll be happy, so sure! Go Packers!”

Superbowl cake

Now that I live in Wisconsin, it seems like it’s mandatory that I like the Packers. Wisconsin is pretty crazy about the Packers. Everyone here loves them. Everyone. I don’t think Michigan really had a team quite like that. In fact, it seems like most people cared more about MSU or U of M than about NFL games. And god forbid that MSU should play against U of M. That stuff ruined families.

But no, Wisconsin is just all about the Packers. If you live in Wisconsin then being a Packers fan is mandatory (though no one will look down on you for opting not wearing Styrofoam cheese on your head).

Leading up to the Super Bowl, the radio stations in the Madison area became inundated with hype over the Packers. Everyone was talking about it, and at least one station was probably playing Lil Wayne’s “Green and Yellow” at any given moment.

Even the buses said “GO PACKERS!” on the illuminated sign, meaning that if you’re trying to make sure that’s the 7 heading towards East Transfer Point, you might have to wait for it to cycle back to the actually important information and away from “GO PACKERS!”

Furthermore, all the grocery stores in Madison were stocked with as much green and yellow food as they could possibly fathom. Including, of course, cookies, cupcakes, and cakes. I decided that we should show our (admittedly mild) Packers spirit with our own Packers-themed baked good of Emily’s choosing.

She chose a chocolate cake. And it was delicious.

Superbowl cake


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