Christmas baking photo recap

Well, now that January has come and gone, I figured now as as good a time as any do tie up loose ends regarding my Christmas baking.  I fell off the face of the blogosphere, scrambling to finish all my baking (note to self: less next year).  And then when mid-January hit, Little Big Planet 2 took over my life.  Notably, I have also barely touched the oven since my Christmas marathon.  I have upcoming Valentine’s Day and Mardi Gras plans brewing in my head though!

I’m certainly much too lazy at this point to recount recipes.  Let’s just say that there were successes, and there were flops.  Have a photo recap of 2010’s xxxmas successes.  Enjoy!

Glass candy »

Peanut butter blossoms »

Spritz »

Sugar cookies »

Gingerbread »




One response to “Christmas baking photo recap

  1. Len Schoenherr

    Makes my mouth water with grateful remembrance! Thanks for all the great Xmas treats.

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