I’m currently visiting Sean up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, meaning there have been many noteworthy food events over the past week and a half!  Have a lovely yet menial photo diary of said food events:

Leek rings

Leek rings.

Our 4th of July was originally supposed to be a massive cookout in Presque Isle with all our friends, but said friends decided to be losers and host their own individual cookouts.  Instead, we spent our holiday doing the “stereotypical” American thing, a.k.a. deep-frying our dinner.  Shall we call it the 4th of July Fry Fest?  Certainly.

Our meal consisted of leek rings, deep-fried carrots and green peppers, corn dogs (which I forgot to thaw, so they were they only thing not dumped into the oil), and for dessert,  we deep-fried butterscotch discs and a Snickers bar.  Mmmm, artery-cloggin’ good.

Deep-fried carrots.

We ended up making two different batters for our meal, both tempura-based.  One was from a box mix from the grocery store, the other was a Martha Stewart recipe that used seltzer water.  Martha Stewart’s seltzer batter was thick, robust and delicious.  (5 njoms!)  The boxed stuff… not so fabulous.

Photographic evidence that we did deep-fry candy.

For our cookout gathering that was postponed, I baked a cake dubbed by the boys as a “Strawberry Shortcake Cake.”  I totally forgot to take a nice picture of it, so all I have is a quick snapshot after I had already started cutting it.

Cake cake.

Let’s just say that I love picking wild blueberries.  It was only natural that while in the U.P., we had to drive out to the boondocks and pick some.

Last weekend’s labours:

What will I do with thee? Let me count the ways.

Blueberry crisp!

1. Blueberry crisp

I would love to share the recipe (which happens to be my mother’s), but I unfortunately lost it when I accidentally dropped a roll of masking tape on my laptop.  The crisp turned out marvelous, as all my mother’s crisps do.

Blueberry muffins!

2. Blueberry muffins

Dubbed by Sean as “the best blueberry muffins he’d ever had.”  These were pretty scrumptious (but secretly more like cupcakes.)  I used almond extract in the batter, and the glaze is also almond-flavoured.  So moist!  I salivate just thinking about these things.


3. Finnish Kropser

See recipe here.  I do love me some Finnish pancakes, so I whipped some up for Sunday brunch, and smothered them in the remaining wild blueberries, along with a bit of powdered sugar.

Yesterday, Sean and I drove to Negaunee to go antique shopping.  I went with the intention of looking for wedding jewelry.  Typical me, I came home with a bag of kitchen stuff.

My wares.

The goods:

Fiesta ware seafoam green (retired colour!) tea cup – $2.25

Pastry blender – $3.50

Frosting/bread knife – $1.00

The frosting knife is weird to me, since it has a serrated edge.  I wondered if it would affect frosting smoothly, but since it was a buck and my old knife has been missing for over a year, I figured what the heck, why not get it.


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  1. Jan Schoenherr

    Wow! Come to our house any time fresh blueberries are available!

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